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Refreshers Downtown

On February 18, Juiceland opened a fresh new location in its hometown of Austin, this time right in the heart of downtown under the Frost Tower on 4th Street. The juice shop is a refreshing place to check out while strolling through downtown in the Texas heat. Upon entering, a vibrant mural catches the eye as it adorns the back wall presenting a whimsical take on downtown, criss-crossed with colorful 2D pipes that translate into real painted pipes that slither across the white ceiling.

The hospitality of the staff was unparalleled; we were offered free samples of their featured smoothie of the day "The Originator", a fresh blend of fresh apple juice, bananas, blueberries, cherry, peanut butter, brown rice protein, flax oil and spirulina. All of the ingredients mixed together produced an glooming dark grey coloration, but the result was beyond tasty and reminiscent of a classic PB&J. We were also given Yerba Maté shots, which are described on the menu as "energizing cold-pressed tea". Yerba Maté is a great substitute for coffee, as it has all the benefits of caffeine, but in a much less acidic and more antioxidant rich package. These seemed perfect for an espresso-free wake-up call during an overwhelming study session.

The staff was also excited to share with us the recent improvements that have been made to the Juiceland on Guadalupe Street near the University of Texas campus. The upstairs has been completely remodeled to have additional seating that surrounds a stage they have set up as a small music venue. This location also offers a 10% discount for students. The price can be brought down even further with their rewards program, which is based on a points system that accumulates each time a customer checks in with their phone number. The quality of service, variety of menu options, and great locations makes Juiceland an Austin staple that cannot be missed.

Chloé Gomez, Ethan Elkins, Hunter Tanem

On The Go Makeup Bag Essentials

The Bare Minimum

Not every girl can be bothered to fuss with the latest makeup trends. Opt for a classic look with a makeup bag that covers the bare minimum.

  1.  A neutral eye color is a simple addition anyone can manage. Try a gold rose or champagne hue to add a bit of shimmer while keeping it low-maintenance.
  2. Cuticle salve is a must-have for any girl on the go. In the transition from winter to summer, dry hands are hard to avoid. Stay moisturized day-to-night with a cream from Burt's Bees or The Naked Bee.
  3. Lip color doesn't have to be as complicated as the matte trend or Kylie Jenner's latest franchise. Try a simple lip balm that comes in a subdued color. Extra points for one with SPF!
  4. No girl should be without oil absorbing sheets. As the temperature rises, so does your likelihood for a breakout. Use these sheets to blot your face during the day when you don't have time to use face wash. Clean & Clear is the leading brand, but the CVS sheets work just fine too.
  5. (With all the time you're saving on your makeup routine, do something worthwhile! Moleskine notebooks are slim and minimal, making them a great addition to your daily life. Pair with a stylish pen and get journaling!

The Girly Girl

For the girly girl, there are a few essentials that can be easily and quickly applied in case you're running late. 

  1. The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is great to store in your makeup bag. It is compact but is also perfect to create different eye looks- whether you keep it neutral or sultry. This palette is versatile to play with any outfit you're in. 
  2. A voluminous and lengthening mascara that doesn't smudge is important staple item. We recommend L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Carbon Black is that mascara. It maintains a false lash effect, establishing the perfect eyelashes to bat when you see your crush. 
  3. A bright lipstick is the trick to completing a look. MAC's lipstick in Speed Dial is a blue-toned pink with subtle golden shimmer. It works with any skin tone and will look great whether it's paired with a white v-neck and sweatpants or a cute dress for brunch. 
  4. To top it all off, a small perfume or rollerball is important to keep in your makeup bag. Aquolina Pink Sugar, a long-lasting but not overpowering perfume, has a very sweet smell with a hint of vanilla that is guaranteed to draw compliments. 

Girls Night Out/ Going Out With A Bang

Whether it's girls' night or you're going out on the town for a fun evening with friends, a makeup bag is a must for touch ups. 

  1. A liquid eyeliner is a must for that bold eye look. Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner won't smudge or run one bit even if you're dancing all night. With it, you can get a perfect cat eye because of its simple application. 
  2. Along with the bold and edgy look, a deep lip completes the look. Colour Pop has been getting a lot of rave this past year and its Ultra Matte Lip in Guess does not disappoint. This dark violet lip will definitely grab some attention and get you compliments. 
  3. In case your nail polish chips or didn't dry fully, it's important to bring along your nail polish color. Butter London's The Full Monty is a beautiful metallic gold polish that will catch the light and go excellent with the outfit of the night. 
  4. Lastly, an eye-catching pair of statement earrings is a good addition in your makeup bag. Whether they start to weigh you down or you feel like you need one more thing to complete your stunning outfit, you can easily access them or put them away depending on how you feel.

Veronica Boccardo, Christie Han, Caroline Rock

3 Strange Habits to Save Your Skin

There are many reasons to pass on using -- skin care products. Whether you're looking to save money or go more natural, try incorporating some of these three unique habits to your beauty routine!

  1. Raw Honey

Raw honey is an extremely versatile skin care tool with tons of great benefits. You can simply use it as a face wash, or your can leave it on your face for five minutes or even an hour. While treating acne and breakouts, it also gives your skin and natural glow (and not to mention, it smells great). The first few times you try this, it might be a little messy. Be sure to pull your hair back and have a towel on hand for any stray globs that try to slide down your face. When you go to the grocery store, be sure to buy 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey. Nature Nate's is my top pick!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Beware - this stuff doesn't smell as nice as honey! But, it does do a great job as our next unconventional skin care product. Switch out your chemical-packed toner for this natural alternative. ACV treats acne, reduces redness, and restores your skin's natural pH level.

Many health nuts also swear by drinking ACV for benefits like curing a sore throat, teeth whitening, and boosting energy. If you're interested in trying this, you might want to dilute it with water first, since the smell is hard to get used to! Again, go for raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. Make sure the label says "with the mother" so you know you've got the right stuff (We recommend Bragg's)!

3. Aztec Secret Ingredient Healing Clay

This 100% natural, clay-based facial mask claims to be "the world's most powerful facial" and they're not kidding. Mix this clay with water (or, for best results, apple cider vinegar) to create a green paste. Then apply to your face and let it sit for 5 to 20 minutes before washing it off. As it sits on your face it will harden, making clean-up a bit messy, but the results are worth it! You'll instantly feel clean, fresh, glowing skin. Don't worry if your skin is slightly red after washing off the mask, it will fade away in about half and hour. 

Veronica Boccardo, Christie Han, Caroline Rock

Revenge Body

"The Revenge Body" has quickly gained popularity in the social media realm but what does it really mean? Khloe Kardashian has been quoted saying, "Looking great is always the best revenge." While other media sources have defined the term as "A term that describes a person's physically fit body that is a result of a breakup which is intended to make his or her ex jealous and regret breaking up."

This trend, with it's both positive and negative correlations, is meant to empower a woman (or man) to be the best they can possibly be in a time of weakness. It's about refusing to give up during a hard time and determined to transform and reinvent yourself. Regardless of what it means to you, work hard and focus on you and everything else will follow! 

Tatiana Roberts, Jiayi Sun

We all come across a breakup - or two - and the best way to get over such an act is by putting all your energy into something else. Some may learn a skill they've been waiting to learn, some pack up and travel across the world and some even fall in love again. Either way, whatever your coping mechanism is, we all know one way of dealing with a heartache is a process known as The Revenge Body.

It may have been termed by Khloe Kardashian and demonstrated by millions who start a healthier lifestyle in order to get that killer body but regardless, we all try and jump on ship sometime or another. The Revenge Body is more than eating healthy and kicking butt in the gym - it's also about a healthier mind and attitude overall. Getting in shape can lead to higher levels of endorphins that in return release a more positive feeling. Who doesn't enjoy a happier mood while burning calories? It's not about them, it's about taking care of yourself.

Fashion Month: Behind The Glam

These past weeks have seen an array of gorgeously talented designers - and their creations - walk the runway on perfectly posed models. From the big city of New York to the romantic at heart city of Paris, Fashion Month has stunned us all and we can't wait 'til next year! Behind all the glitz and the glamour is another talented force that is not often recognized and we want to give a big ode to them all - the makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, and yes, even that fashionable assistant that just wants to get their big break - we all appreciate you and wanted to showcase your talents as well.

If you search on any social media platform, you will find photos of models confidently gliding effortlessly but here we want to show you some of the artworks created by the hands of the marvelous backstage wizards that worked during Fashion Month nonstop.

Even if you don't recognize their names or their faces, these individuals are just artists that are crafty in their expertise and know how to make a look come alive. To show you an insight into what we mean, here are a few popular hair trends that come to mind.

These trends are these natural flowy and ever graceful pieces that just about every girl can relate to. The effortless look really emphasizes the natural sheen and texture to every head of healthy hair. Their easy going structure really allows the eye to analyze every detail of the entire attire.

The makeup as well, is easy and flawless and creates a soft look that doesn't take away from the clothing but instead adds a soft glowing touch that illuminates the entire atmosphere. The look, the feel and the design all come together with the help of artists like these.

These pieces are just a few of the works that all artists alike put a lot of time and critical thinking into so that each designer's aesthetic is captured. After all, Fashion Month is all about captivating the naked eye at it's finest.

There is so much magic to Fashion Month, both on and off the runway. We could go on and on about the dozens of shows, the mural of outfits seen and the extravagant designers presented. Unlike any other industry, the Fashion World is a powerful force that can be considered an empire. If compared to anything, most would say it is a shining one that is like looking over into a California sunset with some black aviators, a convertible and a hunk in the passenger seat - what do these two have in common, you may ask? We just can't ever seem to get enough of them and we won't settle for less. 

Desirae Perez, Jiayi Sun, Tatiana Roberts, Cody Trejo

Ditch That Coffee Break and Have Some Tea Time Instead!

Between hours of exams classes, work, meetings, and maintaining a social life, college students often neglect to take care of their body's well-being. Only until an illness stops us from our productivity, will we then decide to focus on our health. And with the addition of multiple cups of coffee, we only make matters worse, as daily symptoms of drinking coffee include headaches, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. However, there is an easy substitute for getting that caffeine in whenever you need to feel more alert in the mornings or when you need to pull an all-nighter.

With such a large campus, it is easy for germs to spread from person to person. Drinking white tea strengthens your immune system so you can reduce the chances of catching someone else's illness. However, if you're feeling nauseous, ginger tea helps with vomiting and motion sickness. Despite taking every precaution to avoid getting sick, sometimes catching the common cold or the flu is inevitable. Elderflower tea relieves symptoms, such as swollen sinuses, hoarseness, and coughing, that come with these diseases.

If you're a devoted coffee fanatic, don't feel intimidated or offended by the prospects that drinking tea brings. Both brews are beneficial in their own unique way, so fill up your mug with what your taste buds desire! If you want to get the best of both worlds, drink a cup of coffee, or two, to start your morning and treat yourself to some tea later on throughout the day.

Jennifer Dang,  Linette Montana, Kabir Karnani

Tea, coffee's counterpart, is known for being a health and mood booster. Studies have shown that drinking certain teas can help with cancer, heart disease, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and bringing about mental alertness. Although there are about 3,000 varieties of teas, we've focused on 6 different teas to create an extremely condensed description about their health benefits.

It's a well known fact that most college students are sleep deprived due to the plethora of activities and tasks that we pile onto our schedules. To help with sleepless nights, chamomile tea is a perfect way to end your day. Chamomile tea bags, in particular, can also be used to relieve eye fatigue and reduce the appearance of dark circles!

Whenever you're feeling stressed out because those random existential life crises or for an exam worth a huge part of your grade, try drinking lemon balm tea or hibiscus tea. In Europe, lemon balm tea is widely used to treat anxiety and stress. Research studies have shown that drinking it increases the ability to concentrate, making it easier to focus on homework and studying. On the other hand, hibiscus tea has also been used to relieve stress by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Deluxe or Dupe: Kylie Lip Kit 

The real question: How bad do I want to be Kylie Jenner?

The constant hair-changing, signature full lips, and stylish clothes lead me to believe that everything I want in this world is to be like Kylie. But the closest I can be to her is to try to copy her full lips with the purchase of her newly famous lip kits.

King Kylie expands her reign in the cosmetic world with her recent release of 3 new colors, Mary Jo, Koko K, and Posie K and restock of her originals. These kits have been highly praised and exuberantly popular, selling out in less than 30 minutes. The 6 colors have been recorded to work well with a vast array of skin tones. Yet you either pay an overpriced amount for resale on eBay or await another restock and pandemonium that follows in ordering, just to covet the liquid lipstick and lip liner. So we have to ask ourselves, are they even worth it? Are the dupes the same quality or should we wait and pay $29?

Luckily we were able to get our hands on the Posie K lip kit, a perfectly pink shade, to test its quality. We found that the Kylie lip kit is very well pigmented and can be applied with one swipe to get that dreamy color. The liquid lipstick blends real well with its pairing lipliner and does a great job of mattifying. The new colors have a new formula compared to the first batch she sold, which includes a moisturizing finish to one's lips rather than over drying. One of the best factors of these products are that they prove to be full-proof all day lasting. I would even say that these cosmetics are so easy to wear that one may forget that they have Posie K or any other color from her line on, and still make a bold statement.

The closest dupe to Posie K is the $6 NYX "Prague" soft matte lip creme. Slightly pinker than the Posie K but in all quite similar. The NYX creme mattifies well, but is somewhat stickier compared to the Kylie cosmetics. This NYX product is a great color for its price, even if its application process takes a little longer. The best thing about this product is the ultra low price in cosmetics and facility to find them in your local drugstore.

It may be harder to get the Kylie lips kits and the NYX lip cremes may be a different formula, but each prove to be astonishing products. In the end, your lips will look amazing in each and it only matters if it gives you the ultra confidence of a Kardashian/Jenner.

Shelby Light, Paola Jimenez, Jasmine Valencia

Another Cult Classic: Contouring

You may be wondering - as you look at the newest addition of a fashion magazine - the reason why Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and other stars look stunning in public? Do they completely rely on good genes or is there some secret wand you can wave to look like the ultimate Hollywood goddess?

Anyone who has watched videos on Youtube or has seen Instagram and Facebook posts regarding beauty knows that this trending makeup technique that the Kardashians have popularized is taking the social media sphere by storm. What may it be you might ask? It's called contouring.

You can call it the Kardashian effect, but the reality is, everyone is obsessed with it recently. Who will not be satisfied to see upside-down triangle areas in your face turn into brighter eyes, a more upright nose, lifted cheekbones, and a shrunken chin, right? In an instant, you can completely alter your face to look more slimming and fierce than you normally would.

Contouring has become such a fast growing trend in the beauty world that every audience member is responding. The business world began creating specific contouring kits. Social media began to make it flourish with so many instructional how-to-contour videos, articles and pictures. Celebrities began using the trend as well by endorsing products and not to mention all the up to date makeup artists that are following the trend.

While the majority of the world was absolutely fascinated by such a technique, we all know that popularity always comes with backlash. Bobbi Brown, the artist who created the eponymous cosmetics brand disagrees with the intentions of contouring. "The contouring trend is so wrong because it tells women there's something wrong with their face. There's beauty in a full face, so I don't like to paint in a cheekbone that doesn't exist."

Tatiana Roberts, Jiayi Sun, Desirae Perez